Street Posh Collectors - Worlds Collide 

Street Posh Collectors - Worlds Collide, is a pre-Loved clothing store, filled with both vintage Streetwear and Posh items. Streetwear is more of an urban, relaxed, but cool style with some edginess, versus Posh being more of a glamour, high-class, upscale fashion genre. These two fashion worlds who are completely different, make ends meet just under the same roof. Anything from clothing items, accessories, and bags can be found here, along with many other fashionable items to keep you stylish on a day-to-day basis.  

Street Posh Collectors - Worlds Collide, is a growing, small business who is owned by Temeria Rivers and Chenoa Bethea, The Daughter and Mother Duo. They share their love for thrifting.

 "We love to thrift on a regular for items to collect that go with our individual styles, so we thought about turning our passions into a business together for other people who have the same hobby as us, or who want to explore more styles for their own wardrobes."
Temeria, is the Streetwear Vintage Guru, whereas Chenoa, is the Poshwear Expertise. 
"Mixing our two worlds of wardrobes together seemed to be an uncommon thing to do at first, until we made it iconic. We realized that this was a brilliant business idea and created it immediately."
Street Posh Collectors - Worlds Collide, is a place where people who love fashion and nice clothing, can come together and enjoy the items that were hand-selected by us, to fulfill their fashion needs, wants, and desires! 
"We want our brand to set as an example to encourage anyone to take their passions and make a living out of it and to take that leap of faith with someone that you Love while doing it, to reach your joy in life." 
The Mission of Street Posh Collectors - Worlds Collide, is for us to gather Vintage Streetwear and Poshwear items that We Find and provide them for sale in order for You to Rock and then, the cycles Repeats! 



Temeria Rivers and Chenoa Bethea. <3

Happy Street-Poshing!